Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tutorial For Dark Art Mouth

Effect Dark Art Mouth
O1. Open PhotoScape, click "Editor" and change to the wing "Object".
O2. Open a photo, click "Photo> Photo ..." and open the brush

. Adjust it so that it covers the entire mouth of the person's photo, it does not hurt to cover a portion of the nose.
O3. Click on "Photo> Effect" and open the brush called "fantasyball_s_001.

Click one time on the "+" symbol that is on the left side of the brush and adjust them by putting a brush in each eye. With everything already set, click "Photo + Objects."
O4. Change to "Start" and click:
× Sharpening> Low
× Brightness, color (Click the center button). Open and apply the brightness Misery.
Click to download mysery brightness
Click To Download Mysery Brightness

× Brightness, color> Improves Contrast> Middle
× Filter> Photo Ancient> 03
× Filter> Sticker> # 10
× Filter> Noise> 20
× Sharpen> 3
O5. Go to your collection of frames, choose what is called "Cali 01" and click "Photo + Frames."

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