Monday, August 30, 2010

Tutorial For Snow Effect

Snow Effect


1st Open photoscape, Editor 
2 Bright, Color> Colorize. Adjust as follows:-• Color: 135• Saturation: 212• Level: 50%
• Bright, color>Contrast> Low
3 Change to the wing object and click:Photography> Photo ... And open the texture of snow.change the opacity to 90 and press OK. Now resize the texture so that it occupies the whole picture, It'll be something like this:

4 + Click Photo +  Objects>> OK.  
Go back to the wing and then click Start: 
5 Auto Level> High 
6 Bright, Color> Brighten> Middle 
7 Filter> Film Effect> Portra -high
8 Bright, color> Deepen > Middle
9 Filter> Film Effect> Velvia> low

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