Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tutorial For 3d Text

 Effect - 3D TEXT

O1. Open Photoscape, click the "Editor"
       and go upstairs to the "Object".

O2. Open an image and click on the tool "Text."

O3. Write your text in the box,
put the white color, choose a font
and set the size. Check the "Outline",
choose a color, thickness and put two
and check the box "Outline Text +".
See the print Below:-

O4. Click the tool again "Text",
and what you wrote will still be there.
Change the color white for the color
you used in the outline and drag the
little arrow of "opacity" across the left side.
Uncheck the "Outline", select the "Shadow",
put the same color that you are now using
the text and so fit as below:-

O5. Place this text that you created last,
on the first text. To know the exact location,
double click on the text first, copy the values
of "Anchor" and enter them in the "Anchor"
of the second text.

O6. When finished, click "Photo + Object",
select the option "Combine your photo with objects"
and give "OK".



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  2. i dont have this text in my photoscape :( what i do ? :/



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