Monday, October 18, 2010

Tutorial For Sweet Dreams


Open your photo

-Filter> Noise Reduction > High

Sharpen ×> 5

-Click the Grayscale

-Click on the button brightness, color and fit well:

- In depth leave 28

- Brightness and also let 28 and press OK

-Brightness, Color> Color and set like this:
- In color leave as you wish, I left at 238
- Saturation> 255
- Level 100%. Ok give

-Filter> Region out of focus and adjust as follows:
- On the left select Grayscale
- Size 50%
- 50% Feather
- Allow selected where you want, and press OK

-Go to Object tab and click the photo
(The one with a mountain and a sun) and click on Photo ...

- Go to the folder where you saved the layer of brush and open
- Set the layer to your picture

- Then, click the + PHOTO OBJECTS
if a box appears select Combine your photo with objects and give Ok

-Back to Home tab
Against the light ×> (+/-) 50% (Standard)

-Click on the button Sharpen and adjust as follows:
- Under Type choose Mode Overshadowed
- Level 30%
- Blur 2.0
- Contrast and press Ok



  1. Yes You can add frame and decorate as per your wish..

  2. qe maldito tutorial mas maloo!



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