Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Light Brightness Effect

Light brightness
Blue texture

open your photo and stay on top wing, follow the tutorial below:
Click over brightness, color> config. Freight> look for the brightness
that we save at the beginning of the tutorial open it and press OK.
Filter> Noise Reduction> High
Against the light> (+/-) 50% (standard)
Filter> Fake tilt-shift> and place:-
Choose well wherever is highlighted.
Brightness, Color> Brightness> minimum (gray scale)
Switch to the wing object, go to photography> photo and
open the texture you saved at the beginning of the tutorial will
automatically open a new window (called "Photo"),
leave the opacity at 64 and press OK.
Done that resize the texture on your photo so that you
take all your photo, then click Photo + objects and a window
appears select the first option and click OK.
Return to ward home> Sharpen> 13.


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