Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tutorial For Lips Colouring Effect

Lips Colouring Effect

you can paint the mouth of two ways the first is without texture:


• the image will open in early - brightness, color - coloring - (and choose the color you want) - save with another name
• open the original image> the mountain with the sun - photo - Get a color picture - object - object + photo
• Now go to the clone stamp and make this process:


then use effects like start-filter - film effect - 

(a choice that looks best in picture)
open the picture go to - object-mountain with sun-picture 

and take another original photo - repeat the process to 
take another photo and choose a texture of your choice, 
put on one of the mouths of the image, and the 
opacity that has shape of the mouth, like this:

Enjoy Different textures on lips as per your choice with cloning.

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