Monday, December 13, 2010

Tutorial For Sweet Texture Effect

Sweet Effect With Texture
Material Link(download & Extract the Files)

Open Photoscape, click Editor
Open the photo of a girl to edit

Click Brightness, Color> Color Curve> Open (curve)
go where you saved the curve, open and give Ok

Go to Filter> Noise Reduction> High

Click on the button Sharpen and adjust as follows:
Type: Overshadowed mode
Level: 56%
Blur: 8.0
Contrast: 0
and give Ok

Go to the tab object> click on the Photography> Photo ...
go where you saved the texture and open
opacity in the box that appears leave the opacity of the texture
and give 120 Ok

Back to the Home tab

Against the Light> (=/-) 75%

Brightness, Color> Improves Contrast> Middle

Sharpen> 2

Brightness, Color> Darken> Middle

Why not just click a button on top of the Auto Contrast

I used the Frame Inner Line White


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  1. hey hi thisz edit is awsome but material isn't download plz again set material then em download thnx!



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