Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tutorial For Puting Text In Photo

Putting Text in Photo

Open PhotoScape, click "Editor"
Click On "Object".
Open a photo from the panel on the left side of the program.
Click on the tool "Text" and set the box this way:-
select any font as per your wish
and write any thing
select Outline-Text, and thickness should be 36
and keep text in center

After setting, give "OK"and set the text that you created in the image,
if you want more you can create text with different fonts.
Click "Photo + Objects ",
check "matches your picture with objects"and give "OK".
Switch to the ward "Tools", select the tool "Paint Brush",
put the brush size up and select the color white.
With the tool set already,
fill all the spaces outside the text,
so that the background image appear only in the inner space of text


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