Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tutorial For Tik Tok fake Effect

Tik Tok Fake Effect

Open PhotoScape, click a image to edit
Sharpen> 1
Filter> Film Effect> Agfa> High
Filter> Film Effect> Provia> Low
Brightness, Color> Dye> -5
Brightness, Color> In depth> High
Brightness, Color> Remove color cast, set as below:-

Filter>Film Effect> Cinema> Low
× Brightness, Color> Darken> Low
O4.Agora switch to the wing object, and go to:
The symbol × {quote}> Wingding2> Open the 2nd or the 1st row of the third brush.
Set it in a corner of the photo, without resting it on top, bottom, or sides.
click on object and set as below:-
(Straight Line Method × {O} inclined dash. Adjust as follows:-)
Click Here
After setting, pass a trace, following the top of the scissors to the end of the picture,
then Give The Viceversa effect.....
Click On Home & Then On Frame Line
adjust as below:-
Inside margin=1


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