Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tutorial Summer Effect

Summer Effect

Glow Flower
Summer Curve

Open your picture and go to the Object tab;
Open saved texture and leave the opacity at 66 and press OK;
Adjust your picture in the way that covers the whole picture.
Brightness, Color Contrast Improves>Middle
 Brightness, Color Contrast Improves > Low
Filter>Noise Reduction Medium
Click On Object and select the material saved
Open Butterfly Brush you saved and put in some corner of the picture;
Open Brush Glow Flower and place it where you want,
I have repeated u can do as per your wish
Open Frame put on the whole photo with the opacity at 195;
 + Photo Objects → Combine your photo with Objects
Click On Home Tab
Brightness, Color>Color >Open Curve Perfect Summer
Click Ok


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