Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tutorial For Equalize Effect

Equalize Effect
Equailize Brush

Filter> Noise Reduction> High
Bright,Color> Brighten> Middle
Bright,Color> Colorize> Choose the color you want
In this case I chose the color=210 saturation=192 Leve=75%
Now save This Image Now Do undo 1 times
Click On Combine on the upper side and select the two image and Add them
Now Click On Edit
Now click the Tools tab and Clone Stamp
Note that instead of the mouse small arrow will appear a little ball:
give the first click on the picture you colored and the second
over the same region in the original photo.
From there just go all the hair coloring.
When finished click the Tab Cut and separate the two pictures.
Filter> Noise Reduction> Middle
Go Auto Contrast clicking until the image is to your liking,
being darker and the colors enhanced.
Filter> Film Effect>Cinema> Middle
Filter> Film Effect>Velvia>Middle
Click Object> Photo> find the brush that you saved.
Place it over the picture.
Open your brushes(material), and place it behind the first, with the opacity minimum.
Click Photo + Object and select the first option.
Bright,Color>Brighten> Middle


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