Saturday, June 18, 2011

Manipulation-Moon On The Earth

Manipulation-Moon On The Earth

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 Open PhotoScape, click "Editor"
and remains on the wing "Home."
open the background image
now click on object and select the fairy
and make her sit near the lake
now clone little water on her dress
as it looks some part of dress is in water
again click on object and select the moon
now expand the image of the moon and
set (X)-149 & (Y)111(u will see the image
on the left side of main image
click ok and click Photo +Object(select 2nd Option)
Now press the shift key & Clone the moon
around the fairy body
Now again click on object & select Moon
SetX(-510) & Y(0) keep opacity full
& Clone it in the clouds
now just clone some clouds near the moon
Bright,Color>Darken> High
Now Click On Tools & Select Paint
Paint Blue color in whole image while
pressing the key Shift On Keyboard
Auto Level>high


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