Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tutoial for Glamour Effect

Glamour Effect

Eye lens

Glamour effect

Open your Photoscape;
Choose the picture to edit
Open The Brush of Eye lens
keep opacity-182 and adjust on eye lens
Filter> Smart Blur- 4.2
Filter>Film Effect >Cinema> High;
Filter>Film Effect > Velvia> High
Sharpen> 13;
Auto Level>High
Brightness, Color> Deepen> High;
Filter>NOise Reduction>Middle
Filter>Region(out Of Focus):-Sephia
set as below:-
(set on the cheek acording to yr photohere i have choosen which is right for me)

Now Zoom the lips of the girl
and select tool paint select red color
pressing the shift key color her lips
Put some star glow effect on her hair
Frames> Shadow 04


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