Monday, June 13, 2011

Tutorial For Avatar Effect

Avatar Effect

Download Material From Here

Open your PhotoScape, click Editor
Open a photo and click to edit
Brightness, Color> Colorize>Adjust Color as below:-
Colour - 167
Saturation - 208
Level - 100%
Now Save this image (of Blue Color)
Click On Object & select from the folder
first select Nose (do two way by clicking vertically also)
Try To Merge the nose by even using Mole removal
Click On object and click:
the brush from the folder
ears then eyes, eye lashes
and adjust on the face
Open the Zebra mask and adjust on image
opacity minimum
Now Open the image saved with the blue color
Top left=X(-510),Y(2)
No click Ok
Now Clone Around th e Body with Clone Tool
select The Paint Tool and select
red color and paint on the lips
with pressing shift key
Do Same near the Tip Of Nose


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