Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tutorial For Three Coloumn Effect

Three Coloumn Effect


Open your PhotoScape, click Editor, and stay on the ward Top
Open a photo, and click
Filter> Noise Reduction > High
Filter> Distort> Window.
So set as -> Row 1 / Column 3 / Interval 3 / Round 10 / Type:-white type 1
Filter> Region (Out of Focus).
So set as -> Grayscale / Size 38% / Feather 0 /
Bright, Color> Contrast Enhancement > Low
Bright, color> depth> Low
Bloom > Click In between default
Backlight> (+/-) 50% (standard)
Filter> Film Effect > Cinema > low
Filter> Film Effect > Velvia > Middle
Bright, Color> Contrast Enhancement > Low
Bright, Color> Brightness average
Go the object and click the Photo
Open the texture you downloaded and put in opacity 64
Adjust the size of her sidebar In the Left Coloumn
Now just + click on texture so you can double it and
adjust it on right side of coloumn
Go back to start
Select  frame > Black Line 8

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