Thursday, February 2, 2012

Frames Inbuild

Inbuild (PSD) Frames

How to download and install:
-The frames come in zipped packs, then after downloading you need to unzipped them. With the frames already unzipped package, follow the process below:
-Open That Folder  which Is Unzipped Select all files inside the folder , click on top of them with the right mouse button and select "Cut" or "Copy".
-Now go to "Start> My Computer> Local Disk> Program Files> PhotoScape> frame"
~Coming in this folder called "frame", right click the mouse in it and go to "Paste".
Their frames are already installed, now let's learn how to use them.

How to use:
O1. Open PhotoScape click "Editor" and open a photo.
O2. Click on your collection and choose a frame of your choice.
O3. You can increase / decrease the size of the frames, changing the percentage of small arrow THROUGH it.

O4. To join the frame with your picture just click on "PhotoFrame

Download Frames  from here


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