Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tutorial For Immortal's Passion Effect

The Immortal's Passion Effect

-Open PhotoScape, click "Editor" and stay on the ward "Home."
-Open New Menu select new photo and adjust as below
-Filter > Noise Reduction > Middle Or High
-Sharpen > 7
-Filter > fade Style > adjust as below:-
Color > 155
Level > 95%
-Filter > Film Effect > Portra > High
-Filter > Film Effect > Agfa > High
-Brightness, Color {Click} the center of the button and change the Gamma to 0.68 Brightness and click ok.
-Filter > Film Effect > Cinema > Low
-Filter > Film Effect > Portra > Low

-Result :-


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  2. hie can u help me out... !!
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