Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tutorial For Blue World Effect

EFFECT  Blue World

Blue Butterfly
Blue Light Point
Blue Light line

Open the photo you want and go to the Object tab

Open saved texture, leave the opacity at 78 and set covering the entire picture.

Photo + Objects - Combine your photo with objects

Open the spotlight and put in a place of your choice with the opacity at 169.

Open Brush Light and place on top of the Focus Light

Open Brush Flower and put in some corner of the photo.

Now open the Thread of Light and opacity to leave him at 119.
Place where you want.

Photo + Objects - Combine your photo with objects

Go to Home tab
Go to their frames and choose the Trasparent 01
+ Photo Frames

Now choose PrintLine 01

Sharpening - Low

Brightness, Color - Gloss - Down -2

Noise Reduction - Low


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