Friday, October 22, 2010

Tutorial For Pink Ploat

Pink Plot Effect

O1. First, open your PhotoScape and click "Editor".

O2. Stay on the wing "Home", open a photo Across the left side panel
of the program and click:
× Self Level> Intermediate

O3. Go upstairs to the "Object"> Photography> Photo> open the texture you saved.
× Adjust the texture on the photo> double click on the texture> opacity in 64.
X Click on "Photo + Object"> combine your photo with the object.

O4. Go back to the ward "Start" and click:
× Brightness, Color> In depth> Medium
× Brightness, Color> Enhance Contrast> Medium
Afina x> 2
× Brightness, Color> Color Enhancement
× Sharpen> Low
× Filter> Effect Film> Agfa- Medium


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