Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tutorial for Vibrant Effect

Vibrant Effect


open photoscape stay in editor

open a good-quality photo and click on:

filter, noise reduction (erase visual) high-
NOTE: If you need to do this 2x

brightness, color-brightness-average

filter-effect-movie cross-process low

filter-effect film agfa-low

filter-effect-proof film-medium

filter-effect-low Velvia film

filter-sticker # 6

ward object

open texture

leave the opacity at 141 and ok

adjust the picture then click photo + OBJETIVE

check the option: Combine your photo with objects and ok

back to the wing beginning click:

brightness, improve contrast-color high

brightness, high color-darkening

Once upon a click of the button against the light

filter-effect-proof film-medium



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