Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Manipulation-Heavenly Angel

Heavenly Angel

Grass Field
Fantasy Wing

Open PhotoScape, go to "Editor"
Open an Background of sky and moon
Click On Object and now select the image of Grass
just put the grass image below sky-moon image
and click photo+Object and select next option
Object is out of range
Now Crop the Joint image of skymoon & grass
Again Click on Object and select the Grave
put left side of image
click on tools and select clone stamp
and clone some part of grave so that image get merge
Even clone some part near sky ad grass image
Click on Object and select Girl Image
and adjust it on the image
Now open fairywing brush and
adjust it behind the girl image
Brightness, Color>darken>low
Brightness, Color>Deepen>Low
Brightness, Color>Decolor-3
Brightness, Color>Contrast Enhancement>Low


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