Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tutorial For Classic Animated Gif

Classic Animated Gif

2 Photos Of Your Choice
O1. PhotoScape Open and click on "Home."

O2. Select a(Go On Page On Top) page called (there U Will See) "square_down_2"and adjust settings like this:-
With everything already set, double-click on the 1st room, open one of their chosen photos and then then double click the second space and open your other photos. Now click the Edit button.

O3. Now Change to "Object", click "Photos > Picture "and open the brush that you downloaded earlier in the tutorial. In the window "Photo" which will open automatically after you open the brush, type the value 400 in "Y" and press "OK". Go back to "Photography > Photo ", click the right mouse button on the brush and go to" lossless Rotate - Flip Horizontal, click again with the right mouse button on the brush and now go to "Turn lossless - Flip Vertical "and give" OK ". In the window "Photo", put the value at -48 "Y" and press "OK". Now click "Photo + Objects," check the box "The object is out of space ..." and give "OK".

O4. Press "Ctrl + C" and change to the screen "Animated GIF". When you reach the screen "Gif Animation", press "Ctrl + V twice.

O5. Click the "Change time", enter 100 and press "OK". In the panel where are thumbnails of the pictures, click on the 1st of them with the right mouse button and select "Move to the left, the current framework for the next transition." Click on thumbnail to 2 nd right-click and select "Move down the current framework for the next transition."

O6. For everything goes right, the other settings should be adjusted as follows:-
Now Your Classic Gif Is Ready:-

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