Friday, October 22, 2010

Tutorial For Sweet Banner

Sweet Banner

Open Photoscape

Open the photo you want to use the banner,
it can not be too large because the frame is small

If you need to resize the photo by clicking the Resize button,

Select the option Preserve aspect ratio
in the Width field, type a number less than what is there, and give Ok

Go to the Object tab, click the Photo
And go where you saved the background and open
Adjust the portion of the frame on top of your photo so that
your photo is appearing on the bezel

After adjusting click on Photo Objects
if a box appears select the second option and press OK

If your photo appearing to be off the bottom that you just adjust
just cut the excess tab Cut

Now go back into the Object tab, button, Photography, Photo ...
and open a brush you saved Film Brush
setting it on top of banner
go and open the pictures you want to put in each box of the brush
make one by one, adjusting according to each square of the brush
when you adjust the picture size click on the Back
the back button is above the Photo button objects, see the print:

This will make your picture behind the movie brush

Repeat this process until you put a picture on each square of the brush.
After clicking the term Photo Objects
if a box appears, select the first option and press OK

Now go button photo> Photo ... Open and stamp the brush that you saved
apply at the top right of the banner

Photography> Photo ... > Open your heart and apply the brush where you want
I put in the bottom right

Photography> Photo ... > Open the brushes and place it where you want

Photography> Photo ... Open the brush and smoke, the opacity to 64 and give Ok
apply at the banner you want

Click Photo Objects
if a box appears, select the first option and press OK

Now get the Text button ((is one with the letter T))
and write whatever you want to and adjust accordingly

When done click on Photo Objects

Finally choose a frame, I used the Curl Border

Your banner is ready


  1. hard! can i know how to add pictures on film? and where to save the film box?

  2. After adding or adjusting film brush on the background which you have download from uper again click on photo and select all images of whom you want to add and one by one add in the film brush....



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